Simple ~ Complete ~ Affordable

We believe proactive care provides disease prevention and early detection. That's why Animal Medical Center developed a Wellness Program for every health stage of your pet's life. We have packaged together all of the services your pets will need for the year and discounted them . The end result is a simple program provided by a staff of dedicated veterinarians and technicians, all at an affordable cost.

Regular veterinary wellness exams are paramount to your pet's health. That's why we're offering free office visits to our program participants! Other benefits you'll find in our packages are "nose-to-tail" examinations, customized vaccinations, blood work, and more. Our programs are key to identifying issues before they become serious. Which means long-term good health for your pet and keeping the lifetime cost of caring for them as low as possible.


Package pricing starts at $399.00. Please make an appointment or give us a call for more details on the package that is best suited for your pet.

Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant

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