Treat your pet to a luxurious bath. Our special, cleansing baths remove dirt, debris and that doggie pet odor – your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. If scratching is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that help the itching. Services also include nail trim and ear cleaning. This is available through our boarding side. Please call Best Friend’s Boarding at 856-STAY (7829) to make arrangements. Best Friends Boarding


Illness doesn’t always have a physical cause. Dr. Anne Briley, a veterinarian with a special interest and extensive training in animal behavioral disorders, can work with you to help determine the cause of such disorders as aggression, separation anxiety and obsessive behavior, and then develop a treatment regimen.


Some pets have fertility problems. Others seek mates who live half way across the country. Dr. Karen Spencer has a special interest in reproduction and is certified by the International Canine Genetics. We provide breeding exams, estrus timing, reproductive diagnostics and treatment. We try to assist breeders with artificial inseminations, planning a breeding with fresh chilled semen, birth and delivery assistance and planning a caesarian section.


Pets are like our children – we feed, nurture and lavish attention on them. Our highly qualified kennel attendants do the same when you can’t be there. We provide tender loving care (such as brushing and cuddling), and supervised outdoor playtime to keep them happy and active. When you visit Best Friends Boarding you will understand why you must make reservations in advance. It was designed by animal lovers for their own pets. Call 856-STAY (7829) for information and bookings. Web site is


Regular professional cleaning is important to maintain your pet’s teeth and general health. We use modern and safe ultrasound to clean each tooth thoroughly – above and below the gum line. Dental technicians polish teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup. We employ the safest anesthetic protocols to minimize the risks.


In any emergency, seconds count. Our experienced staff is prepared, stocked and equipped to administer the ABCs of basic life support – Airway, Breathing, Circulation/Cardiac compressions. Emergency care is offered during regular business hours. In addition, we use the services of a local, fully staffed emergency center for after hours and weekends. See After Hours Emergency Information.


We stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field.


Hyperthyroidism is recognized as the most common endocrine disorder of cats. Radioactive Iodine is used by a single injection to cure this disease in 98% of cats. No anesthesia is required for this treatment and no side effects are associated with this therapy. We literally wrote the book for this in South Carolina! As the first in the state to provide this life saving procedure, we have got it down to a science. See our webpage at


We strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in Wellness programs has rewards for both pets and owners. Our Wellness programs are designed specifically for your pet and include: Comprehensive physical exam; internal parasite testing; heartworm and flea control; vaccination program; spay and neuter package; specialized blood tests for all life stages; and comprehensive senior pet testing packages.


We cover all areas of internal medicine, including: Cardiology; Ophthalmology; Neurology; Dermatology; Gastroenterology; Orthopedic surgery; Oncology; Endocrinology; among others. If and when a problem is beyond our scope, we have referral relationships in all specialties to ensure you get the answers you need for your furry family member.


Lasers are a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery. Lasers replace scalpels in many procedures, and are useful for a wide range of conditions, such as cyst, tumor, and wart removal, and can even be used in feline declaw surgeries. Laser procedures result in less pain; less bleeding and less swelling. They reduce risk of infection and result in less post-operative discomfort. Our doctors have a great deal of time and training in the use of surgical lasers. Dr. Senf has been invited to lecture as well as teach laser surgery to veterinarians from throughout the southeastern US.


Some pets require special food, and all pets benefit from a balanced diet. Our trained and certified staff is available to help you choose the right diet for your pet to keep him or her happy, healthy and active.


Veterinary patients feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do. We know that recognizing and alleviating pain in animals is the essence of good patient care. Our veterinarians have special training to help you help your pet. We feel that surgical pain management, when done correctly, will significantly improve surgical recovery. Chronic pain is also a very real problem for dogs and cats. It is also our duty to our pets to keep them as pain free as we can.


Radiology – or X-rays – help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. We employ state of the art radiographic techniques to get the answers you need for your pets’ well being. By using Advance Digital Images for our x-rays, we are able to see your pets’ problems better – thereby improving our ability to diagnose and treat their problems better.


Sometimes conditions arise that require veterinarians with specialized training. Our staff utilizes certified veterinary cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, and pathologists when necessary to get the answers we need. See our Doctors


We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology from spay/neuter procedures to orthopedic, laser and advanced soft tissue surgery. All patients are carefully screened for safety, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet. Surgical services and facilities include: 4 veterinary surgeons on staff as well as 3 surgical specialists available for consultation; fully trained veterinary and technical staff, to ensure the safest, most efficient, state-of-the-art procedures for your pet. Our patients are kept warm and comfortable with heated water blankets on the surgery tables; we utilize advanced sterilization techniques; ECG, respiration and oxygen saturation monitors; intensive after surgery care and full blood testing. This is an area where compromise can be costly. Our award winning surgical and intensive care/recovery facilities are what your pet deserves if or when they must have surgery. We take great care to minimize pain through advanced pain management procedures.


This non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology uses sound waves to painlessly examine specific internal organs, primarily the heart and abdominal organs. Pregnancy exams are also available. Our doctors have years of advanced training and experience in this special diagnostic area. We can often get information that saves your pet from costly and painful diagnostic and surgical procedures.

We also offer the following services. Call us today for more information!

  • International and State to State Health Certificates
  • K Laser treatment
  • Penn Hipp/OFA
  • Dental Radiographs
  • Full In House Diagnostic Lab
  • Cardiology
  • Heartworm and Flea prevention