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Ronald McDonald House

mf-with-red-shoes-and-gardyIn April the Ronald McDonald House rekindled a 23 year old relationship with Dr. Michael D. Forcier when they invited the Animal Medical Center and former morning show host of Mt Pleasant to look after Gardy, their new “house dog”. Gardy is a labradoodle donated to the Ronald McDonald House by Yankee outfielder and C of C alumni Brett Gardner. Without hesitation Animal Medical Center agreed and is now is honored with the privilege of maintaining the health and well being of the newest addition to the Ronald McDonald House.

Today, Animal Medical Center is committed not only to Gardy (that’s him with Dr. Forcier) but to the role Ronald McDonald House plays meeting the needs of hospitalized children and their families as they visit Charleston. So help us, help Ronald McDonald House meet their needs and take part with a charitable donation to the Red Shoe Walk. Dr. Forcier and Gardy will be strutting their stuff in the walk on October 25th.

To Donate, please go to under Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant.

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In February
February is National Dental Hygiene month. During the month of February we will be offering $40 off all dental cleaning procedures. For additional information please call the center at (843) 881-5858.

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